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Accounting house Prima Intellect

About us

Accounting house Prima Intellect was founded in 1996. We are a young and ambitious team that seeks the most efficient way and at reasonable price to satisfy the needs of its customers.

We have experience in many areas of the economy - production, domestic and foreign trade, restaurant services, tourism, transport, construction, advertising, information services, consulting services, non-profit associations (foundations, associations, etc.), liberal professions.

We strive to be maximum flexible and to have individual approach to each client.

Our activity is consistent with the latest requirements of the legal framework regulating the relevant business and with all requirements in the field of accounting, taxes and social security.

We offer a fair contract for accounting services providing perfect protection of your interests.

We work with young and qualified staff that arranges the full current and periodic accounting services. All our employees are university graduates, master's degrees in economics.

We provide continuous improvement of the quality of services through additional training and qualifications of our staff including attendance at seminars and participation in conferences.

To provide qualified and good services and to protect the interests of our clients we use the services of external experts in the field of auditing, accounting and law.

About us

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