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Accounting house Prima Intellect


  • Accounting services in accordance with the Accounting Law, the National Accounting Standards and the International Accounting Standards
  • Accounting analysis of the business, financial and tax planning associated with the future activity of our clients
  • Preparing the necessary documents and registration of the client under the Value Added Tax
  • Monthly preparation and submission of purchases books, sales books and a declaration under the Law on Value Added Tax by e-mail
  • Preparation of labor contracts and the relevant application forms. Monthly preparation of payroll for the employees of the client. Claculation of social and health securities, preparing of the relevant payment documents and submission of declarations for the social secured persons to the National Insurance Institute by e-mail
  • Making of annual accounting closure at the end of the reporting period
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Report of the client, Balance sheet, Statement of income and expenses, Cash flow statement, Statement of equity and all applications under the existing accounting standards
  • Provide internal and external financial audit
  • Protects the interests of the client in front of the tax authorities
  • Preparation of necessary documents regulating the intra-corporate relationships: Job Descriptions, Rules of internal policy, Internal rules for the formation of wages etc.
  • Preparation of reports useful for the management of the client
  • Legal and tax advices and consultations
  • Contract for accounting services with perfect protection of the interests of the client
  • Recruitment of accounting staff. If you need a selection of qualified accounting staff to your needs, we can organize everything - from the publication of ads in newspapers and electronic media to the conduction of interviews, discussions and final choice.
  • Preservation of documentary records
  • We provide tax address and mailing address for your company in Bulgaria

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