We have a wide portfolio of services in compliance with all the current legislative requirements in all areas of financial accounting.

Accounting Services

Accounting in accordance with Bulgaria’s Accounting Act, the National Accounting Standards and the International Accounting Standards.

Processing of all types of primary accounting documents.

Preparation and submission of statements under the Bulgarian Law on VAT, the Personal Income Tax Act, the Corporate Income Tax Act.

Submission of reports to the National Statistical Institute and Bulgarian National Bank.

Accounting analysis of the business activity, financial and tax planning in relation to the future development of our clients’ businesses.

Preparation of interim statements and references in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

Annual returns and reporting

Preparation of Annual accounts and tax returns at the end of the accounting period.

Preparation of the Annual Financial Statement our clients and relevant annexes in accordance with current accounting standards.

Submission of Annual Financial Statement to the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute and Annual tax return to the National Revenue Agency.

Preparation of Annual Financial Statement for publishing in the Commercial Register.

Organizing Financial Audits.

Tax, accounting and labor law consultations.

We offer a wide range of tax, accounting and labor law consultations.

We have many years of experience in solving various client cases.

We also cooperate with expert external consultants, lawyers and auditors.

Services in relation to the Bulgarian Law on VAT

Preparation of required documentation and registration of our clients under the Bulgarian Law on VAT.

Monthly preparation and electronic submission of purchases and sales journals, as well as a statement under the Bulgarian Law on VAT.

Consultations in relation to the Bulgarian Law on VAT.

Payroll and personnel management

Preparation of employment contracts, annexes, termination orders and their registration with the National Revenue Agency.

Preparation of official notices, certificates, leave orders and processing employment records.

Monthly preparation of payroll for our clients’ employees.

Calculation of social security and health insurance contributions, preparation of relevant payment documentation and electronic submission of statements about insured persons to the National Social Security Institute.

Preparation of internal payroll reports.

Submission of employment statements, sick leave notices, annexes. Delivery of payslips by email.

Internet banking – issuing payment orders to the National Revenue Agency and payment of wages.

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